Montreal 2008

Montreal 2008 v1.0 Readme


Use the installer to install to your rfactor installation. Simply point to the root rfactor folder and extract.

Please note if you use a custom shared folder be sure to copy the installed files into this folder.

What is Updated?

  • Comprehensive Texture Update
  • Reworked Shaders and mapping
  • Fully optimized for DX7, 8 and 9
  • Custom shaders for DX8 and 9 Grass and DX9 Road
  • Fixed Inaccuracies in layout including:
    • Original Track too long
    • Fixed Pit lane entrance and exit
    • Fixed T1/T2 width
    • Re-profiled T3/T4
    • Re-profiled T8/T9
    • Included extra tarmac on exit of T10
    • Added many missing curbs
  • Added Bridge beyond T10
  • Added 3d Fences
  • Added bumps
  • Added skid marks at braking zones
  • Added marbles and decreased grip off the racing line
  • Reworked Trees in both height and appearance
  • Reworked AIW with online versions with extra tyre barrier to help with cut detection.
  • Added Wet Layouts

Known Issues

The track seems to suffer from some flickering at various points. I have done my best to reduce this however it seems to be a mixture of my graphics card and just how the original track was created. The original had even more flickering in my experience.

The tracks bumps work well with cars that have well setup suspensions. If your favourite mod does not work here, don’t complain about the bumps; complain to the physics creator of the mod 🙂

This track has been optimized to work best under both Nvidia and ATI, as a result neither looks quite as good as they could if I created a completely different track for each. The track is very dependent on Anisotropic filtering, and I recommend you put this at the highest possible value. It should be possible to run this track without enabling LOD Bias Clamp in Nvidia.

There were a few extra objects we wanted to add however we ran out of time as for other reasons this track had to be released this weekend.


  • Original Track Image Space Inc
  • Modelling/AIW/UI Updates The Lonely
  • Texture/TSO/AIW Updates SLN
  • Camera Updates Luigi
  • Thanks to Briere from GPG for providing extra photographic material.

Future Permissions

This track is created from the original ISI circuit; as a result conversions to other platforms are strictly prohibited.

Should you wish to update this version for rFactor or future ISI simulations you should contact me via

Other circuits

If you enjoy this track please try out some of our other tracks! Details can be found at the following websites:

Thanks and Enjoy the circuit.



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