Build a Track Quick: Update #3

Build a Track Quick: Update #3

So Day 2 of this little project and I’ve finally finished off the terrain. It took a little while longer than I wanted, but issues with regular 3ds Max crashes and adding a little extra detail like support roads took quite a bit of extra time up. So gravel traps have been cut into the terrain as well as the outer terrain now all added. There are provisions for a bridge at the start of the s/f straight and banking has been added on the left hand side of the S/F straight so that grandstands are more elevated.

Next lot of jobs is to add armco, walls and fencing. I’ll be lucky to get those 3 all done today.

Update 1am, 1st October

I’ve now added Armco, the Pit Wall, Fences and some trees. I’ve also decided on the location of the circuit, Florianopolis, Brazil. I was going to post some in game screenshots but whilst setting up the AI, my PC crashed. So hopefully I’ll have some time tomorrow to post them.

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