Build a Track Quick: Update #3

So Day 2 of this little project and I’ve finally finished off the terrain. It took a little while longer than I wanted, but issues with regular 3ds Max crashes and adding a little extra detail like support roads took quite a bit of extra time up. So gravel traps have been cut into the terrain as well as the outer terrain now all added. There are provisions for a bridge at the start of the s/f straight and banking has been added on the left hand side of the S/F straight so that grandstands are more elevated.

Next lot of jobs is to add armco, walls and fencing. I’ll be lucky to get those 3 all done today.

Update 1am, 1st October

I’ve now added Armco, the Pit Wall, Fences and some trees. I’ve also decided on the location of the circuit, Florianopolis, Brazil. I was going to post some in game screenshots but whilst setting up the AI, my PC crashed. So hopefully I’ll have some time tomorrow to post them.

4 thoughts on “Build a Track Quick: Update #3

  1. Hi. Amazing work. I am curious. Do you make the track using the rFactor 3D Max tools and then convert to Game Stock Car? Much better than my tracks lol! (Queenland Raceway and Lakeside Park. Love your work. Mike.

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