Build a Track Quick: Update #4

I’ve fallen a little bit behind my scheduled plan, and only spent half a day working on the track today to try and catch upto where I wanted to be. The important thing is I’ve done the most boring part of the entire of creating a track – adding the tyre walls! This is the most tedious of many tedious tasks that need doing, but it takes 3 or 4 minutes to add one tyre wall, and then you have like 20 of them, and quickly boredom sets in. It’s similar for fences, walls and armco, but I’ve come up with ways to make these a little less painful, and even with tyres they’re heavily scripted but still take quite a while.

Anyway since the last update tyre walls, armco, some trees and fences have been added. Check out some screens. I’m gonna quickly finish off the trees and some extra perimeter fences tomorrow before I start adding a few buildings etc.

I would have had some screens with cars on, but I’ve been suffering serious PC lock ups whilst trying to setup the AI. Hopefully I can get that sorted soon.

As mentioned in the previous update the location of the track shall be Florianopolis, Brazil. I’m pondering Autodromo Floripa as the name.

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