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  1. I am using Bedford on Rfactor and GTR2
    Great work. The west track is extremely good and pretty accurate. I was driving a JP1 Jag and Formula Palmer Audi on it yesterday and having used your track I was well prepared. The artificaila chicane at T6 ( I think?) – the one with the speed bumps was not like that – I mean it had no speed bumps. It would be nice to get rid of them, but it’s your track 😉
    Could you also do a version with the noth, east and south tracks?
    Have you any idea why the AI is crap in GTR2 version? About half a dozen cars crawl really slow around the track (whatever mod) – Although I must say that is true to my experience yesterday – I had to really look out for those crawlers.
    Anyway thanks again and let me know if you plan to do any changes.

  2. Hi

    Do you wanna create a new Track?
    Its calld Hallett – and i would pay something for the work.



  3. Nice work.
    Any chance you could do Croft Circuit in North Yorkshire (it is my local (and favourite) track, I only live about 15mins away)?
    I have only found 1 version for rFactor and it is far short of your standards.
    Obviously I would make a substantial donation for your time and effort if it was upto scratch. 😉

  4. I’m still enjoying to see the pics of the Weissach track.

    I hope it will be a great race track, but i’m afraid, that you who wasn’t ever been there, can realize this properly.

    But if you don’t want help, I can’t do anything.

    So my hope is to find a good trackmaker, who will can edit your version, to a higher level with my impressions from Weissach.

    Keep on working,

    Cheers from Germany

  5. G Day,
    Mate a quick question, we love the track and went to use it for our current season, however we run two divisions one being fixed setups, we have run this division all year and had no issues set’n the fixed setup side on the server. But Wannaroo will not pick up the fixed setup at all, is this a track issue maybe? We have looked at everything on the server and still no joy, as such the round schedule this week has been put off.

  6. The texture updates are good. This is a model question. Someone in our group wanted to know if Sebring was that flat ?

  7. Hi, I’m new to rFactor and just realized you do ALOT of tracks. I see in forums people have talked about doing Bridgehampton. Old old posts. Just wondered if it’s on your wish list?

  8. Hello Lonely. I was wondering if I could use this track in our track pack. Credits will be noted. Dunno how to contact you…


  9. Mr. Sawczuk,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work. I’ve been a fan ever since you released the updated Sebring, which the track definitely needed. Your version is much better. That being said, I’ve been going to the 12 hours for about 20 years now. I’ve got a lot of footage and photos of the track. I was wondering if I could have permission to mess around with your version of the track to update a few things, and tweak the layout a bit, based on personal experience? This will be my first foray into track editing, but with Bob’s Track builder and some 3dsmax, I’m hopeful…


  10. hello, i want to know if you have some others tracks under the rain, because i love them, they are very good, congrultations !

  11. Hi Alex…

    Excellent work Alex..excellent work…
    Please contact me asap..I am interested in developing a track for both rfactor & the race 07 series…The track would be located on the Caribbean island of Antigua…let me know what your fees are please and let’s get started if you are available to do this…


  12. I came across your Sugo mod in rFactor and I am looking for someone to develop a much more comprehensive mod. I have a company that is willing to pay for the service. We need to find a developer now. The mod will feature regular streets in Japan from Tokyo to Kyoto. We can provide pictures and other materials to help in the exercise. The mod must be completed by end August. Can your firm take on this project? Please respond as soon as you can as we’d like to get started soon. James

  13. Hi Alex,

    I was wondering if it would be ok to make a CART 1998 Event track using your converted Gateway International track. All I plan to do with the track is to create a new tdf file so the speedway wings in CART factor will work better (have enough grip). Is this ok if I make a venue using your circuit?

  14. Hello Alex,

    Epic site man.
    I have a question.
    I just downloaded the Le mans series and American le mans series from the enduracers website with the seasons from LMS( Le Mans Series and ALMS (American Le Mans Series)
    2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2010.
    And i need some tracks to fill up the seasons completely.
    Here are some tracks that i want or want to be updated.
    1:Istanbul park, Com8 from Rfactor central has made the track but i like some new camera angles like on TV.
    2: SPA Francorshamps (I don’t know if i have spelled it correctly) Le mans series style
    3: Valencia not the street circuit but where the Motogp is racing on.

    If you want to create those it’s your decision not mine.
    But i will appreciate it.

  15. Hi Alex, I have no idea how far along with the Knockhill project you are (it’s long been dead), but erm, exactly how far along are you with it? Are you far anough long with it for someone like myself to take it on and finish off? And by finish off I mean populate with objects (not bespoke buildings, my modelling skills do not extend that far), texture and general track work and optimisation?

    Ryan Callan

  16. It’s not at a stage where I’d be happy to pass it out. If I were to ever comlete it I’d pretty much start from scratch again I think.

  17. They merged with Simcraft. I don’t have anything to do with them anymore. Your best of asking elsewhere.

  18. Hi Phil,

    If you just look at the released tag you can see all releases, and then each is clearly marked with which game it’s from. It hasn’t been an issue before as all releases have been rFactor up until recently. You can also just view the appropriate tag for whichever platform your interested in. See the tag list on the front page.

    It is something I’ll look into in the future, I’m likely to give the site an overhaul soon anyhow, the skin is presently broken anyway.


  19. Greetings,

    When creating an AIW for display of a racing groove, how do you go about setting realistic points for start and end of the darkening of the track… braking zones as it were? Using RF_AIW_CAM_EDIT_4.05 at the moment to add a visible groove to a track that did not come with one (wp groove alpha all set to zero).

  20. Hi alex do you do requests for conversions, if so could you contact me at my email address please? I would like to see Targa florio in Rfactor 2, Your work looks great by the way

  21. Unfortunately I don’t have time to take requests, and especially not Targa Florio, that’d take half a life time to do it to the standard I want!

  22. Hi Alex and sorry for my English.
    Congratulations for your work and I encourage you to continue so.
    A greeting from Spain.

  23. Hi Alex,
    just a quick question, mot asking for any secrets to be revealed, but can you tell me if the Ayrton Senna game is still being worked on? Thanks 🙂

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