Montreal 2008

Montreal 2008

Montreal 2008 v1.0 Readme


Use the installer to install to your rfactor installation. Simply point to the root rfactor folder and extract.

Please note if you use a custom shared folder be sure to copy the installed files into this folder.

What is Updated?

  • Comprehensive Texture Update
  • Reworked Shaders and mapping
  • Fully optimized for DX7, 8 and 9
  • Custom shaders for DX8 and 9 Grass and DX9 Road
  • Fixed Inaccuracies in layout including:
    • Original Track too long
    • Fixed Pit lane entrance and exit
    • Fixed T1/T2 width
    • Re-profiled T3/T4
    • Re-profiled T8/T9
    • Included extra tarmac on exit of T10
    • Added many missing curbs
  • Added Bridge beyond T10
  • Added 3d Fences
  • Added bumps
  • Added skid marks at braking zones
  • Added marbles and decreased grip off the racing line
  • Reworked Trees in both height and appearance
  • Reworked AIW with online versions with extra tyre barrier to help with cut detection.
  • Added Wet Layouts

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