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Loch Drummond released for rFactor 2

Loch Drummond released for rFactor 2

It’s with great pleasure I can say that ISI have released the Loch Drummond race circuit. This is a side project I worked with ISI on, and is based on my first ever scratch built track, .

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Putnam Park – rFactor 2

Putnam Park – rFactor 2

I’ve had a few days spare to play around with the recent rFactor2 release, and pretty much used up all my spare time now. So I’ve decided to push out what I’ve managed so far with my Putnam Park conversion from my original scratch build for rFactor. Find details below.


Putnam Park v0.2 for rFactor2



Please do not distribute in any other form.
To install place the mod in rFactor2\Packages folder.
Run Launch rFactor, and then choose Manage Mods.
Under Options detick show Mods Only
Right Click on the Putnam Park entry and Install
Track only appears under All Cars and Tracks Series in Single Player

Features, Limitations & Known Errors
* Includes Main Layout Only
* Includes Dynamic Wet Weather Reflections, but not all objects have correct reflection plane
* Real Road Fully Setup
* Includes Custom HDR Profiles
* Includes Interesting Default Weather (i.e. it rains and then stops!)
* Known Error with Trees, for some reason some are very dark, seems to be Tools export error.
* No Track Marshalls yet, awaiting ISI to release their files
* Track Component only – to race online requires a series with it added
* Shadows aren’t very good – Engine Issue on the whole I think though.

How to Install to Dev Mode
Install Normally, then go to rFactor2\Installed\Locations\Putnam Park\0.2
Extract Putnam_Main.mas to Locations\Putnam
Putnam_Long.mas to Locations\Putnam\Putnam_Lo​ng
Putnam_GMTs.mas to Locations\Putnam\PutnamMes​h
Putnam_Maps.mas to Locations\Putnam\PutnamTex​tures

Track Modeling and AIW – Alex Sawczuk
Textures, TSO Modeling and AIW – Luc Van Camp
Cameras – Luigi Campastri

End User Agreement
This track absolutely has NO permission to be converted or changed in anyway.
All content is copyright of its original owners and this track may only be used for personal usage on the simulator rFactor 2.
I.e. It is strictly forbidden to be used in any simulators or arcades or to be sold for any money of any kind.